Bruno Söhnle Herrenuhren



Hello there. Are you interested in getting a watch that is not just any watch out there in the market today? Are you seeking a more foreign or untried brand and taste? Well, I have got just the thing for you. Have you ever heard of Bruno Söhnle watches, by the way, which are one of a kind and designed uniquely in Glashütte, Germany? You may not have, but either way, allow me to tell you a bit more.



First of all, did you by chance know that:

"In terms of objective, Bruno Söhnle is a very young company. However, this has never caused a problem for the founder, since today Bruno Söhnle GmbH has more than 50 different collections. These include, for example, the first mechanical wristwatch, which has a manual lift and was introduced for the first time...." (company quote and public statement)



What is more interesting to see here is that we're not just talking about any quality or style or brand of watch. What we are seeing here is genuine craftsmanship made abroad and sold all around. Now, that's quality and commitment which you can't beat or replace! Also, these special watches are now made available in over 40 different countries of the world. How interesting is that? At first, they were only made and distributed locally in the regions of Germany. As of 2005, that soon began to change. The founder and executives of the company, as well as all employees from the top down, really began to see to that. A difference was made in how foreign markets were viewed and negotiated with, making them go further. They left merely serving Hungary, Germany, and expanded into Austria, Ukraine, and Russia as starter foreign countries. That is amazing. For more source click on automatikuhr.


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