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Max Bill by Junghans Watches, Casual and Formal

Max Bill by Junghans Watches Offer both Casual and Formal Styles

     More fashion designers and artisans have been creating watches with more visual appeal. Many of these designer watches are available online for less than what they generally sell for in a retail store. One of the more popular artisans in watch designs is a man named Max Bill. Now deceased, this native born Swiss artisan was known for his futuristic paintings and sculptures. His line of watches have been paired with a company called Junghans, which is a quality oriented family run business. The line of Max Bill by Junghans includes styles for both men and women.


Casual to Classy


     The main materials used in the creation of Max Bill by Junghans watches are stainless steel and leather. These materials are often used to create the bands associated with the different styles. The casual ladies watches made with leather bands are available in colors of pristine white, deep red, black and both navy and pastel blue. The men's watches with leather bands are available in shades of brown and black. The faces on both the ladies and men's styles are available in white, brown and black. The stainless steel bands add a touch of distinction that is suitable for use with formal wear.


Enhanced Features


     While many people purchase watches based on their style, the Max Bill by Junghans line also comes with several desirable features. Some of these watches are deigned to be waterproof, which will be indicated in the description by the mention of bars. These watches are available as manual wound or automatic to make them more convenient for the customer. Other features found in a watch's description could include the material used to cover the watch face, which in many instances is clear acrylic rather than glass, as well as the dimensions for the circumference and height of the acrylic enclosure.

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